Professional Cash-In-Transit (CIT) Service

Professional Cash-In-Transit (CIT) Service

By definition, Cash-In-Transit (CIT) is the actual exchange of banknotes, coins, Mastercards, and things of significant worth starting with one area and then onto the next. These areas might incorporate money communities, bank offices, ATMs, huge retailers, and different premises holding huge measures of money. The business, nonetheless, is for the most part partitioned into two areas: exchange handling and ATM servicing.

Regardless of whether it’s a startup retail shop or a major business endeavor, as long as it draws cash, it tends to be new prey for burglary or robbery. For this reason, organizations are treating cash the board and security more in a seriously way today. Entrepreneurs have become more reliable in supporting money taking care of strategies to keep up with income and make due as a business.

Generation Solution of Security Ltd. has sent off worldwide standard-incorporated security and risk management services in Bangladesh with the intention to help entrepreneurs in ensuring their assets and acquiring inner harmony.

At the core of our business, Generation Solution of Security Ltd.’s cash-in-transit services is intended to give you a protected, secure, and prudent method of completing the money cycle for retail organizations and monetary foundations.

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Our organization has practical experience in giving cash-in-transit benefits across different ventures and vertical business sectors including business land firms, monetary establishments, producing, and modern offices, retail malls, private networks, schools, and government offices all throughout the country.

Cash-In-Transit Service Process

Cash-in-transit service is one of our principal services. Our solid and secure transport vehicles gather and convey money and resources day by day across stores, banks, store boxes, and ATMs. We comprehend it is fundamental to guarantee that the perfect proportion of money is accessible and perfectly located at the ideal opportunity, and that is the reason we utilize unique frameworks to upgrade our routes.

Putting resources into cash security shields your organization from risks. Generation Solution of Security Ltd. offers different money-related arrangements including free from any danger development, exchange, and capacity of money, assets, and bullion by particular vehicles with prepared teams. The money the executive’s armada works with International Standard Threat Level III-appraised cash vans. These defensive vehicles have uniquely planned vaults furnished with CCTV cameras and DVR, GPS, alert framework, and fire/waterproof money boxes.


Our Cash Management Services Include:

  • Cash-in-Transit (CIT)
  • Secured Vaulting of Cash & Valuables
  • Cash Processing
  • ATM Replenishment & Reconciliation
  • E-Cash & Teller Services

Besides burglary and robbery, there are different variables to consider in seeing how using CIT services secures your business. Since cash is a dazzling objective for hoodlums, this implies that it can, sadly, entice your representatives as well. Inside work, misappropriation, and in any event, stealing isn’t phenomenal in frantic circumstances.

In addition, banking or keeping cash in the bank on your own puts you in danger while on the way. Exactly the same thing can happen when you dole out representatives for this assignment, and it doesn’t just open them to risk yet, in addition, decrease their efficiency when they are out of the workplace.

Recruiting a reputable cash-in-transit service provider leaves you, your representatives, and your business straightforward. They can get your money at your booked date and area, and store it straight into your ledger with no problem. A consistently booked money assortment, for instance, likewise keeps your accessible cash in the business area at a base.

Generation Solution of Security Ltd. is perceived as one of the fastest-growing organizations in the country because of its incredible skill, prepared and qualified labor force, and a supplement of experienced administration staff and security experts. So without any hesitations talk with our experts.

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