Professional Armed Security Guard Company in Bangladesh

Adarsho Securities Limited. is one of the best Security guard supplier associations. We are also a professional armed security guard provider in Bangladesh. We outfit Gunman security guards with licensed weapons. It is essential to have a confirmation for a guaranteed situation. Security acknowledges a crucial part in guaranteeing the flourishing of an individual, office, alliance, and so on Their part is to keep one from such viciousness. These Gunmen can be procured by anybody and are paid to ensure explicit individuals, associations, property, and so on They are there to ensure pretty much the entirety of your day, reliably.

Armed Security Guard Service in Dhaka

unman service or Armed security guard services are especially utilized as a piece of Banks, ATMs, Mega malls, Shopping centers, and other such areas. We organized our security guards; they are bold and they will give their best endeavors in risky conditions. As a dependable armed security service provider, we guarantee that the security gunmen we provide are truly, reasonably, and legitimately predictable, police-checked, and expertly strong. Each and every staff is given a thorough plan before they are given the undertaking of a shooter. We set them up to deal with the most crucial condition with confirmation.

We secure your genuine feelings of quietness and make your ecological variables, your agents, your inclinations, homes, working circumstances, social occasions, and you, and your family progressively secure so our clients can organize their business without impedance.

We Provide Gunman Service or Armed Security Guards For:

  • Provides Armed security guards or gunman service at the office, residential premises, industry, construction site, etc.
  • For any Security survey inspection and verifications.
  • For Cash in Transit Service
  • Escorts and security protection to VIPS/ celebrities.

Our Process of Recruitment, Training & Verification

We recruit security guards as per the recruitment policy established by the authority of Generation Solution of Security Ltd., after recruiting guards they are sent off to ASL Training Academy for 15 days of mandatory basic training. During this period, we initiate Verifications Request to the special branch of Police for checking individual characters and antecedents.

Generally, Ex-police officers are assigned as an armed security guard. Since Army members also have gun skills, retired Army personnel are also considered gunmen. Many of us think that no one can become a gunman except an army member, but that is not the case. Anyone, in general, can be a gunman. However, in that case, he must have a firearms license. In that case, he was appointed as a gunman only after the police verified and informed the police station.

Why You Should Choose Our Gunman Service

ASL Security has the best reputation when it comes to a security service company. Our security services organization experts will initially assess the danger and countermeasures needed to ensure your most significant resources. ASL assembled its notoriety from security preparing and giving the best-prepared staff to giving proficient security service. Our staff is handpicked and well trained to meet our customer’s security necessities. Generation Solution of Security Ltd. additionally assists our customers with tweaking a security program that addresses their site’s issues to guarantee responsibility and amazing skill from the guard staff. No other organization can tweak security as ASL Security accomplishes for its customers.

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