Best Security Guard Services In Dhaka, Bangladesh

Are you looking for Security Service Companies near you? Adarsho Securities Limited. (ASL) is one of the best security guard service providers in Bangladesh.

Security guards are a great way to keep your business secure and protected. Security is your biggest asset, so make sure you protect it with the best security company by hiring us, ASL Security Services.

Clients can request a free quote for any type of security service online through our website. They can also call us at +8801704-256577 to get more information about our services and to schedule an appointment for a free consultation.


Professional Security Service In Dhaka

Customers looking for proficient security guards to ensure their resources should observe a security guard service provider to assist with lessening dangers, convey quality services, and remain inside the customer’s security spending plans. ASL security guard services furnish clients with an arrangement to assist with diminishing weaknesses and dangers through our group of security counselors. Our security service advisors will assist you with fostering a security program redid to your property’s determinations.

Our staff incorporates very preparedly, formally dressed security officials that will follow and uphold all arrangements and security procedures. ASL is an authorized security guard organization. Our corporate office is situated in Dhaka and we have a branch office in Chittagong. We provide professional security guard services all over Bangladesh. We are a private patrol operator that gives quality over quantity.

ASL is a top security guard company in Bangladesh. Our expert security officers are hand-picked straightforwardly from our security training academy to guarantee they convey top-quality security guard services. We invest heavily in employing the best contender to give security services to protect your association’s most important resources.

As a renowned full-service security guard organization, we guarantee our customer’s assets are enough secured against risk. We furnish our customers with security counseling services to guarantee a complete security program is created and redone to your association’s security needs. Our security organization’s central goal is to furnish customers with security arrangements that alleviate misfortune occasions and guard services that prevent and deny expected dangers. We work intimately with nearby law authorization organizations to keep in contact with our customer’s communities.

Process of Hiring a Security Guard Service Near You

The initial step is to find Private Security Companies in Dhaka that give quality security guard services. Are you looking for an Armed security guard service or does your association require an unarmed security guard service? Our full-service security organization first directs a security evaluation of the property and the current security program to find the kinds of dangers and weaknesses that make a danger to your association’s resources. 

Our security official services and expert security consultancy groups assist with making a security plan and program that executes security measures, strategies, and training. Fostering a security program guarantees that the security guards can be prepared for your association’s security needs. Leadership, responsibility, and security management system is our most grounded characteristic, and we work next to each other with our customers to guarantee they are happy with our strong security service.

Types of Security Guards Services We Provide

Our security guards firm provides guard services to residential communities to incorporate gated communities, apartment suites, and nation clubs. We additionally offer numerous kinds of security services for building construction sites, business property, impermanent security, individual or personal security service, security for occasions, event security service, journey transport security, and school security guards. 

We additionally give guard services to business properties, industries, clinics, security events, and chief protection. A uniformed security guard has to be well-trained at a more elevated level to guarantee they can satisfactorily protect and react to crime and crises. Our security guards are completely prepared in access control, patrol, emergency response, illegal intimidation, First Aid, CPR and AED, Customer Service, report submitting, and examinations.

Also, we give armed security services profoundly highly trained armed security officers who are military veterans and have previous law authorization with strategic experience for customers looking for an equipped security presence. Our armed security officials should pass a gun’s capability and complete extra gun training.

Assuming that your association is looking for top-quality security guard services, contact Adarsho Securities Limited. today for a security consultation.

When Do You Need Security Guards?

Security guards are an essential service to protecting individuals and property and are a countermeasure to stop, identify, and react to your association’s potential security threats. There are many reasons why security guards are fundamental to shield an association’s resources from perilous circumstances and decrease property harm. They assist with ensuring organizations, schools, banks, and other applicable destinations. Not exclusively do security guards ensure property, yet they additionally secure individuals. Some high-profile individuals of note will employ security guards known as bodyguards or chief executive protection.

Security guard organizations all work in various services that can assist with safeguarding the customer’s most significant resources. Customers ought to likewise ask themselves, “Would it be a good idea for you to pick a cross-country security guard agency or a more modest nearby security firm?” Adarsho Securities Limited is a nationwide service provider that gives better administration in security. We meet our customer’s security objectives and make a drawn-out security relationship with our customers.

Core Responsibilities of a Security Guard

  • Must be well trained
  • Should be healthy and keep up with qualifications for patrolling
  • Should have a sharp eye for perception
  • Should be ready and screen the passage points of a property
  • Gives access control of individuals, vehicles, and property
  • Observing of video observation (CCTV)
  • Should have the option to react rapidly to any dubious movement or alerts
  • Should have the option to help and help individuals on the property
  • Should keep up with guard logs, everyday movement, and incident reports


How to Find Security Guard Companies

There are many names for a security guard, just google the following name; Guard, security guard, Guardsman, Watchman, Protection Agent, Bodyguard, Person to protect a Parties Assets, Executive Protective Agent, Armed Security Guard, Armed Security Forces, Protector, Defender, Security Asset, Safety Officer, Watch Person, Fire watch, and Armed guard, bodyguard service, sentry service near me, security guard service near me, patrol service near me, security supervisor service, lady guard service, security guard provider, etc.


Why Choose ASL For Your Security Guard Needs?

ASL Security has the best reputation when it comes to a security service company. Our security services organization experts will initially assess the danger and countermeasures needed to ensure your most significant resources. ASL assembled its notoriety from security preparing and giving the best-prepared staff to giving proficient security service. Our staff is handpicked and well trained to meet our customer’s security necessities. Adarsho Securities Limited. additionally assists our customers with tweaking a security program that addresses their site’s issues to guarantee responsibility and amazing skill from the guard staff. No other organization can tweak security as ASL Security accomplishes for its customers.

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