Adarsho Securities Limited

Our History

Orion has successfully completed 01 year in the private security industry. Due to its professionalism, hard work, and high ethical standard, Orion has been able to attain steady growth and secure its position among the leading private security companies of the country. More than 1000 employees are presently working with the multinational companies, international aid agencies, banks and corporate houses. It has presence in 50 district of Bangladesh with four regional offices. Orion has an impeccable reputation of providing good quality services to clients. In facts our clients are our best ‘brand ambassadors’.

Orion has the capability to provide you with nationwide security solution customized to meet your specific needs. Our operational team consists of personnel from ex defense forces, police, paramilitary and trained civilian. With a well trained, well motivated and highly professional team we are confident to providing our clients with the highest level of security and protection. Read More

Core Values

We believe in the following core values:

Compassion: We put the client and client’s asset at the center of our focus while providing security and associated services with respect, compassion, and dignity

Commitment: We will always uphold the client’s trust by maintaining the highest professional standard and integrity

Excellence: We will continually seek advancement and innovation to achieve better service quality

Team Work: We dedicate and combine our skills, knowledge, and experience for clients’ benefit

Value: We always seek to create and deliver value for our client

Ethnicity & Culture: We are committed to maintaining a multi-ethnic and multicultural environment in our organization along with promoting equal gender opportunity

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