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Security Guard Service is the most common and sought after service by most of the clients. On the basis of on- site survey and risk evolution


Our training experts provide training & briefing on the basic role and responsibility of the security personnel,


Be it your home or your business premises you need security equipment to protect yourself and your family or your business assets and employees

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Providing Diversified Business Security Solutions

We, ADORSHO Securities Limited are one of the most fast growing security company in Bangladesh. Our staff is highly trained and skilled in ensuring the protection of our clients, their families and their assets. We know that our staff represent our company on a daily basis and our code of ethic, company policies and procedures will ensure that they are presentable, efficient and at all times ready to serve our clients. Within legal requirements, our employees will go to all lengths to protect and serve our clients and their communities because we are one of the most reputed security agencies in Bangladesh, it is our duty to offer quality work service.

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